Dr. Brett Gaynor

License #29574

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As a licensed clinical psychologist, experienced in treating both children and adults, I am passionate about child development and have specialty in working with numerous childhood disorders, individuals affected by interpersonal and complex trauma, challenges to family functioning such as intergenerational difficulties and parent-child relationship problems. As a therapist I strive to facilitate a dialogue that both empowers and engages clients in their own self-healing, valuing the co-creation of a transformative narrative and experience. I view emotional and behavioral challenges as a dynamic outcome that develops as a result of complex interactions across time, as opposed to something inherently “broken” inside an individual. I hope that in time Clients will be able to share in appreciating the resilience, strength, intellect and humor discovered in the therapeutic process.

I am a Bay Area native and was raised on the peninsula. I earned my doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology, with a focus in the area of children and families, at CSPP Alliant International University in San Francisco. My dissertation research focused on examining early childhood, attachment and adult romantic attachment on patterns of domestic violence. Throughout my graduate education I worked in various non-profit community mental health centers and schools providing long-term therapy for children and adults, as well as conducting comprehensive assessments and psychological testing for school-aged children.